Custom Chain Sprockets

Let Motion Systems assist you in selecting the right chain sprocket, or chain sprocket system for your power, torque & speed needs

When standard over-the-counter products simply won’t work, Motion Systems’ made-to-order sprocket team will assist you in the design, engineering, and manufacture of the sprocket or sprocket drive system you need. From prototype to production, a Motion System sprocket is, right now, working in a Fortune 500 company’s production facility’s motion transmission or drive train system. When you need unparalleled craftsmanship, falter-proof durability, and a smooth and exacting force or torque of motion, you need Motion Systems.


  • Drive Chain
  • Silent Chain
  • Roller Chain
  • Roller Conveyor Chain
  • Flex Bar Chain
  • Steel Brushed Chain
  • Welded Steel Chain
  • Incline Chain
  • Rivetless Chain

Pitch Level

  • Single Pitch
  • Double Pitch
  • Double Single Pitch
  • Steel Split
  • Idler Split

Added Features

  • HUBS
  • Multiple Strand
  • QD – Quick Disconnect
  • Taper Locks
  • Double Plus
  • Engineering Class

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