Industries Served

45 Year of Experience

Over the past 45 years, every industry served by Motion Systems has become highly complex, exceedingly automated, and extremely integrated. The cost consequences of production delays or downtime from failed components, or components that need repair or rework, can be substantial.

Motion Systems’ high-precision power transmission and drive system products are manufactured with uncompromising care and unwavering attention to detail, built to meet the most critical specifications and high-performance requirements demanded by our customers. Whatever the application, our products move faster, run smoother, and are more reliable. Our products work day-in and day-out, with little or no downtime, in the harshest environments. It is what our customers expect.

A man working on a large tractor


Whether it’s heavy-duty roller chain sprockets for equipment over 50 years old, or precision timing pulleys for a next-gen autonomous tractor, we have the experience, technology, and people to keep you running. On applications where vibration, dirt, dust, and rust are ever-present threats we can partner with your designers to make your next products more reliable, lighter, and easier to maintain.

Photo of a paper web being rolled in a factory

Paper, Pulp & Wood

Our expertise extends across the entire spectrum of the Paper, Pulp, and Wood Industries. By providing a comprehensive range of solutions for applications such as sharp top chain infeed drives, chip screens, pulp processing, and high-speed printing presses, we can partner with you at any stage of these industries.

A metal part being manufactured on a large lathe

Machine Tool

Understanding the critical need for reliability and precision in machine tooling, we offer specialized services to replace or upgrade your worn spindles, pulleys, and gears. Our goal is to enhance the accuracy of your tools, ensuring they perform at their best. By doing so, we help minimize downtime, keeping your operations running smoothly and efficiently.

An Upward Photo of an Oil Derrick

Mining, Oil, & Gas

The Mining, Oil, & Gas industries operate under some of the most challenging conditions, where equipment is routinely exposed to dust, chemical contamination, and extreme shock-loading. We specialize in designing parts crafted from the toughest steels, enhanced with finishes and treatments tailored to these harsh environments. Our expertise ensures that your equipment benefits from extended life and increased flexibility, effectively minimizing downtime.

Medical bottles being filled on a production line

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Medical & Pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing demands white-glove processing and documentation which we’re happy to provide. Certificates for all materials, coatings, and inspections can all be requested with any order.

A photo of a container moving down a conveyor belt

Material Handling

Operating in diverse environments, from warehouses to distribution centers, material handling systems must withstand constant use, variable loads, & harsh conditions and often require specialized components like double pulleys, idlers, and split sprockets. Let us help you find the best solutions for your next big conveyor layout. With better materials and designs, we’ll make moving your product the easiest part of the process.

A photo of the internals of a boat engine


Is your application going for a dip? We specialize in selecting the ideal materials, like marine-grade stainless steel, aluminum, and bronze, to ensure your equipment withstands marine conditions. Whether it’s a towed sonar array or a blower pulley on a go-fast boat, we can make it.

Bottles on a Conveyor belt in a bottling plant

Food Processing

Does your application need to be frequently washed down with cleaning agents? We have extensive experience manufacturing FDA-approved food-safe power transmission components for food processing and bottling applications and can consistently deliver your parts to meet what are often tight and unforgiving timelines.

A drive belt system


Whether it’s a small run of exclusive, beautiful, and durable blower sprockets for the nitro crowd or 50,000 economical and reliable alternator pulleys for heavy truck and bus engines, we have the flexibility to meet your needs regardless of size or complexity.

A team of mechanics prepping a fighter jet


For the Government sector, we are well-equipped to supply both custom and standard parts, fulfilling specific supplier requirements with our HUBZone, SBA, and ISO:9001-2015 certifications. Whether the project involves a small stream’s water quality or pioneering next-generation combat vehicles, we are eager to contribute with our certified expertise and comprehensive product range.

Two robotic manufacturing machines welding a metal part


We excel in achieving the stringent tolerances necessary for reduced or zero-backlash systems, crucial for both compact 3D printer gantries and large-scale six-axis robotic arms used in modern automobile assembly and welding. Our hardened gears and precision-machined sprockets are designed to enhance the performance and reliability of your robotics, pushing them to achieve minimal cycle times and maximum reliability.

Glass sheets on a rollers in a warehouse

Glass Manufacturing

We understand the importance of precision and efficiency on a modern float glass production line. We can provide pulleys and power transmission products to smoothly transition your products from raw material batching to cutting and packaging. Whether it’s gearing suitable for high temperatures or zero-backlash linear drives, we’re prepared to meet your needs at every step.

Picture of a Power Transmission gears

Power Transmission & More

Our expertise and capabilities extend far beyond the areas specifically mentioned. Whether you’re seeking a dependable, U.S.-based parts supplier to enhance your supply chain, or you’re innovating in robotics, automation, or material handling and require the ideal drive solution to realize your vision, our capabilities are only limited by your imagination.

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