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As a manufacturer, you never want to find out that one of the gears in your machinery is prematurely cracking. Sometimes it’s because of a void/inclusion in the steel, fatigue, or excessive torque. Regardless of the cause, at some point, that gear will fail. When that happens, Motion Systems Inc. is a gear manufacturing expert that can get you back up and running.

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What Is Gear Manufacturing?

Gears are rotating circular parts that can be found in machinery, equipment, vehicles, and generic drive systems. They are easily distinguishable by their rows of cut teeth. These teeth then mate/connect with another gear to generate power and motion.

Gear manufacturing typically involves using high-grade steel or other materials to machine components to predetermined customer specifications. While gears typically have a cylindrical, oval, or circular shape, they can also be found in several other shapes and configurations. Heat treatment is then done after machining as a means of improving the gear’s performance and extending its life.

The Benefits of Custom Gear Manufacturing

It would be great if there were universally accepted dimensions for every gear configuration everywhere in the world. However, that’s not the case. 

Custom gear manufacturing minimizes downtime by taking the dimensions from a defective, cracked, or fractured gear and manufacturing a replacement. Sometimes, all that’s required is a rework or refurbishment. Other times, the solution is far more complex and requires an understanding on how the entire drive system functions together.

When confronted with a complex gear failure, Motion Systems takes our analysis a step further by deep-diving into the upstream and downstream portions of the equipment/machinery before manufacturing a customized gear replacement. Our success is based upon in-depth expertise and an understanding of how drive systems and powertrains operate.

Motion Systems Specializes in Custom Gears

We understand that a work stoppage can wreak havoc on your business. It’s not just a question of lost production throughput; machine downtime due to gear failure can put customer relationships at risk and lead to late deliveries if that downtime isn’t immediately resolved. Fortunately, that’s where we come in.

Motion Systems Inc. is a customer-centric gear manufacturer. We’ve been producing custom gears, pulleys, drive system components, and power transmission replacement parts since 1973. Our gear services combine decades of experience, know-how, and expertise with state-of-the-art machining and finishing.

Why Choose Motion Systems for Gear Manufacturing?

We are first and foremost gear experts. We are not focused on just one market, one industry, or one application. Our expertise comes from decades of resolving power, motion, and torque problems for multiple industries. This is why you’ll find examples of our craftsmanship in every major industrial and commercial sector in the United States.

Motion Systems also goes a step further beyond any competitor by truly understanding the problem before offering a solution. This is largely why so many of our customers consider us their first and only option. Additionally, we provide 24 to 48-hour emergency service so that you’re never left sitting idle hoping for a miracle.

Lastly, every step of our production process is thoroughly inspected to ensure the highest machining accuracy. We ensure that every portion of your manufactured part is stringently reviewed and assessed for superior workmanship before it’s shipped to your location.

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