Custom Gear Cutting Services

At Motion Systems, our technicians utilize the latest tools and reworking methods for custom gear cutting services. This includes making, maintaining, and repairing custom pulleys, gears, sheaves, v-belts, chain sprockets, and splines. Find out more about our gear cutting and grinding services in the US.

What is Gear Cutting?

Gear cutting is referred to as gear turning or gear shaping. This is a highly advanced process of shaping materials into a specific gear form and type. Gears must be created in a very precise manner involving cutting steel, iron, and other heavy metals. Motion Systems manages gear cutting in a high-tech manufacturing environment with premium tools and materials.

Our team is expertly trained in gear shaping and have worked with customers in many industries including power transmission, marine, medical, and machine tool. We also provide gear cutting services for glass manufacturers and various aspects of pharmaceutical manufacturing. Custom gear cutting services allow your company to cut, turn, and rework a gear to meet any mechanical need. The resulting products are highly polished gears ready for the assembly line or construction job—however you see fit.

Custom Gear Cutting Services


Hobbing is a milling method that is used to cut gear teeth as needed for a specialized gear style. With milling equipment, we are able to provide custom gear cutting services. Hobbing involves highly precise cutting and fabrication that we use to make many types of gears, including spur, helical, and worm gears. We also use hobbing to make high-volume orders of gears for commercial use.

By adapting to the latest in custom gear manufacturing services, Motion Systems is able to offer customers an expedient turn-around with in-house fabrication. We handle all the work and rework here in our shop. That saves everyone involved with the project a ton of time and money on getting a gear made. We are also able to stay within your budget with low pricing thanks to our custom gear cutting services.


To ensure each of our gears is fabricated to the right specifications, Motion Systems uses a machining process called turning. This is a gear cutting method that uses a straight edge cutting tool for optimal cutting performance. Every single line is fabricated on spec without a single millimeter out of position for each tooth on a gear. Our machinists form each linear cut as the gear is in rotation. This creates a cylindrical and seamless edge on every gear tooth. We find turning is necessary for machinery to run for maximum use on a commercial basis.

The types of turning that we offer vary and can include taper turning and straight turning. Inquire about the use of profiling of material. This can be provided using conical, straight, curved, or other types of cuts and shapes.

Turning is a machining process in which a straight edge cutting tool is parallel to the workpiece, making linear cuts while the piece rotates, creating a final product that is cylindrical and evenly smooth. We offer straight turning, taper turning, and profiling of material such as straight, curved, conical, or grooved cut and shaping. Our turning services for gear cutting have high precision. In addition, we may be able to work with many types of materials, including alloy steel and plastics. Check at Modern Systems for information about custom gear cutting and gear blanking services.

Gear Cutting Capabilities

Gear cutting capabilities are available for customers here at Modern Systems. This may sometimes involve a technique called gear broaching. When we need to perform highly accurate linear or rotary cuts on gear, gear broaching is the right choice.

Abroach is the technical term for the cut made in this manner. The cut requires such a minuscule removal of material that you must use the right tools and equipment. That is why you need Modern Systems to handle gear broaching as part of your custom gear cutting services.

Another type of gear cutting that we offer is gear grinding. When gears require close tolerances and need a very smooth surface and deburring, grinding is highly beneficial. Gear grinding incorporates deburring to remove any metal burrs with smoothing and polishing agents. This is coupled with heat treatments to remove imperfections and irregularities on the gear teeth and surface. The result is a gear that is ready to put into position for prime performance.

Motion Systems for Custom Gear Cutting

At Motion Systems, custom gear cutting is a time-consuming and labor-intensive affair. We are highly effective at choosing the right tools and computer technology for milling and grinding. This ensures our gears are manufactured to perfection each and every time. Our goal at Motion Systems is to provide our customers with custom gear cutting services, as we have for more than 45 years. In addition, our experts handle large diameter turning for many industries including agriculture, robotics, packaging, and food processing. Call our office at 586-496-4704 or contact us online.